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Video Report: Is Putin Afraid For His Life?

Power Outages Across Ukraine as Russia "Fires 70 Missiles”, EU Parliament Hit By Cyber Attack

On today's Crux video report:
Russia fired "70 cruise missiles" out of which 51 were shot down by air defenses. Russia struck an infrastructure facility in Kyiv, killing 3 people and injuring six. Kyiv residents were urged to stay in bomb shelters after several explosions rocked the city. 
Russia says its forces shot down 5 drones near Sevastopol.
The EU Parliament was reportedly hit by a cyber attack soon after 'Russian 'terrorism' vote. UK Defense Ministry claims Russia has likely “very nearly exhausted” its stock of Iranian-made drones.

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CaptJinx Marine 09:22 24.11.2022
Now exhaust Poopin from russia