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NBC news reports law enforcement agencies preparing for Trump “indictment” next week

The Democrats spent the last seven years persecuting Trump. There is no crime. This is totalitarian prosecution to keep our next president off the ballot.

America has the most corrupt, compromised fraudulent administration in power and their crimes, real crimes, go unpunished.

They want a civil war.

Source: The Geller Report

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14:38 19.03.2023
Some of us are Patriots and know how to take back our country and reinstall our Bill of Rights and Constitution
02:22 19.03.2023
Their crimes will not go unpunished for long just watch God is a God of Justice and He’s fixing to show up and show off!! 
Peter Palagonia 23:13 18.03.2023
This is horseshit just like Russia collusion and Mara Lago. Some are adamant an attempt at this would make Trump win in a landslide. A lot of people are tired of the liberal crap.
Jeanne Ferguson 21:19 18.03.2023
The world thinks we are a joke with sleepy Joe as president. Joe and family are traitors to America and puppets to Obama and Soros. God forgive us.
Kenneth Barron 20:03 18.03.2023
Nothing like trying to make America the laughing stock of the world.. good job democrats!
Glenn Benveniste 20:02 18.03.2023
They may get one.