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Netanyahu never believed in a Palestinian state, Ben Rhodes former Obama advisor says

Let us begin this report by saying: When Ben Rhodes (or "Dr. Spin" as he was known in the Obama Administration) trashes Bib Netanyahu - Netanyahu and his supporters can take it as a compliment.

Ben Rhodes, who served as a senior advisor to former U.S. president Barack Obama, praised Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in a podcast aired over the weekend.

Speaking to Israeli journalist Yonit Levi and British columnist Jonathan Freedland on their podcast “UNHOLY,” Rhodes said that the Israeli government headed by Bennett was a “healthy break” from former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was known to have a complicated relationship with Obama, to say the least.

Rhodes noted that following Obama’s visit to Israel in 2013, he knew that “Netanyahu would create a conflict for the sake of internal politics and it would be devastating,” later insinuating that Netanyahu was seeking to publicly humiliate Obama.

Addressing Bennett, Rhodes said that he much prefers “a politician from the right who is at least honest and openly objects to a Palestinian state so we can all talk about it – about what it may mean to the future of the region and the Palestinians – rather than someone who pretends the year is 1994.”

He added that it was always clear to him that Netanyahu never believed in the idea of a Palestinian state. “He wanted a process for the sake of the process,” he said.

We end this report by saying: Thank you Bibi Netanyahu for believing in the truth and not giving in to people who had only bad intentions for the American and Israeli people both!

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darrel snider 21:38 31.10.2021
obama jr worthless piece shit satanic man
Nick Horsky 19:27 31.10.2021
OBAMA is a great divider! Will do and say anything to get people to fight each other. Very dangerous as the USA is discovering.
Shirley Anne 19:08 31.10.2021
The land belongs to HaShem & He has given it to the JEWS — Case closed 👍🏼 ONE STATE 🇮🇱✡️😇💘
Danny Brackett 19:04 31.10.2021
Why should he believe in Palestinian state God gave this land to Israel case closed. Some day SOON the whole world will know it! Shalom 🇮🇱
Susan Medrano 17:18 31.10.2021
That would b the US admin.as the. wolf!
Susan Medrano 17:17 31.10.2021
You got that right! W all due respect we have another wolf acting like a sheep, he does not have a clue about Israel, he just does what the swamp tells him.
Linda Jenkins 17:11 31.10.2021
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