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The International Embarrassment of John Kerry

From Manama in Bahrain, Israel National Security Advisor Eyal Hulata took off for Dubai to join Energy Minister Karin Elharar to sign the "Electricity for Water" agreement.

At the signing ceremony today (Monday), Hulata and Elharar sat next to Jordanian Water Minister, UAE climate minister and US climate crisis envoy John Kerry.

It is hard to imagine this agreement coming to fruition without the Abraham Accords broght about by President Trump and then-Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

While serving as Secretary of State for the United States, Kerry devoted most of his energy to trying to reach an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians - and failed. He has stated several times in recent years that Arab states will never normalize relations with Israel without the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Kerry said in 2016 that “there will be no advanced and separate peace with the Arab world without the Palestinian process and Palestinian peace. Everybody needs to understand that."

There was something ironic in the fact that in the end he was the one who sponsored the signing of the agreement.

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oda755 American 00:44 24.11.2021
Kerry is a idiot, fake war hero, all he was,a coward.
Dennis Bell 00:13 24.11.2021
Kerry is one of the reason why the US is a laughing stock to the world.
Susan Swafford 00:02 24.11.2021
Of course Kerry flew in a plane. Di you honestly think the rules apply to the rich? Haha nope
Paul Durocher 23:24 23.11.2021
I stand with Israel!!! We all fall short in the Lord’s eyes and all need to humble ourselves and to surrender to El Shaddai!!
Jeffrey Paulsen 23:06 23.11.2021
Just another embarrassing example of the Biden administration. I suppose he even flew over in his private jet to represent the people of the US. Energy czar. Such a hypocritical being.
darrel snider 23:04 23.11.2021
kerry committed high treason
23:04 23.11.2021
I don’t trust John Kerry He support Democrats
Selina 20:10 23.11.2021
Hopefully he humbles himself.
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