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A Houthi Minefield was Discovered in the Red Sea

Arab Coalition forces, led by Saudi Arabia, active on the west coast of Yemen announced on Monday the discovery of a network of naval mines left by the Houthi militia. The mines are reportedly located south of the large island of Hanish, in the Southern Red Sea near Bab al-Mandab, one of the world's most important trade routes.

A security source noted that the size of the network was sufficient to improve the scope of the danger and threat to Iranian militias on the international shipping line.

It was also reported that the Arab coalition and Coast Guard engineering forces had dismantled the network, stressing that the quality of the naval mines confirms that it is one of the known weapons belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

International reports have suggested that the Iranian-affiliated Houthi militia has planted extensive minefields in the Red Sea, posing a major danger to both international shipping and fishing vessels.

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