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Poll from Knesset channel: Likud bloc leads, will need a surprise to form government

Poll: As we move into October and have a month until the general elections, it is still difficult to see how a government will come from these elections. Of course, the parties will all be trying to "surprise" the electorate in creative ways. We will have to wait and see.

Likud: 32
Otzmah Yehudit & Religious Zionists 13
Shas: 8
United Torah: 7

Lapid - Yesh Atid: 24
State List: 12
Israel our home: 6
Meretz: 5
Labour: 5
Ra'am: 4

Likud Bloc: 60
Coalition Bloc: 56

New Arab Joint List: 4

Source: Amit Segel

Does the article interest you?
La Jun 16:20 29.09.2022
Removals is coming to the Knesset. Half will be gone. In Prison or Receive the Death Penalty for their heinous crimes
Sherry Lewis 16:15 29.09.2022
Will pray the Lords will for Israel.
Diane Sweetman 15:52 29.09.2022
Wish I understood the system …
C & 15:46 29.09.2022
Been praying YAHWEH's choice Man for Israel's government leaders! 🥰🙏🙌🔥🔥🔥🎉
Patsy Webb 15:43 29.09.2022
I do not know a lot about your elections. I don’t know your parties. or the people that you’re voting on, but I can pray and ask for God’s divine mercy, grace and his perfect will to be done
Vanaly Palmer 15:42 29.09.2022
I don’t understand all the ‘parties’, but God does, and I am praying for His mercy for Israel and the USA