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MK: "No Chance for Peace with Palestinians"

Senior coalition member apologizes after telling students: ‘If there was a button that would send them on an express train to Switzerland… I would press it’

A senior member of the coalition drew outrage Tuesday after a recording surfaced of him saying he would deport all Arabs from the Holy Land if there was a magical button that could do so. Responding to the criticism, Deputy Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana later said his remarks had been poorly worded.

As reported by The Times of Israel
Image source: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

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Michael Sosne 14:20 14.06.2022
I'd press that button and MORE
C & 12:21 14.06.2022
Light and darkness do not mix! They will never agree. One has biblical morals and the other doesn't.
CaptJinx Marine 12:18 14.06.2022
Boi is he ever so good at this point. Why does he need to be sorry for what he said.
Pamela Hackner 12:03 14.06.2022
Good idea