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WATCH: The Relevence of the Temple Mount for us today

In Today's episode, Rabbi Yehuda Glick asks: How is the Temple Mount relevant to you today?

Rabbi Yehuda Glick re-tells the story of Abraham and Issac at Mt. Moriah and ending with an inspiring message for us all!

Does the article interest you?
Penny Weatherby 12:03 01.11.2022
Why would you prefer Buddhism over Christianity? God IS LOVE, I'm sorry you've been taught by people who really didn't know the whole truth if God the Father ,his Son Jesus and the Holy Ghost.
05:47 01.11.2022
It’s a very sad situation to kill just because you don’t understand others
Calvin S 05:12 01.11.2022
I don't understand why people kill another person because of their different views about religion or others history
Calvin S 05:10 01.11.2022
Surely the Temple Mount is still relevant but to whom and how many believers are there really Although I prefer Buddhism I still am a believer in GOD and Jesus but don't understand why people kill eac