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Poll: Kamala Harris’s Approval Rating 18 Points Worse than Joe Biden’s

One would think: Can't get much worse that Joe Biden - right? Wrong! Check out the poll for Kamala Harris!

BREITBART April 23, 2022: Vice President Kamala Harris’s approval rating has sunk 18 net points lower than President Joe Biden’s, according to a Trafalgar Group poll.

Only 28 percent approve of Harris, while 62 percent disapprove. In contrast, Joe Biden’s approval rating is 39 percent with 55 percent disapproving.

Harris’s approval rating is underwater by 34 points. Biden’s deficit is 16 points. The net difference in their approval rating is 18 percentage points.

Harris has polled behind Biden, in recent months but not by such a large margin.

The poll also revealed a majority (57 percent) “strongly disapprove” of Harris. Only 14 percent strongly approve, a 43 percent difference:

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15:16 24.04.2022
Parties aside , Biden and Harris , hands down these two “sudo” leaders suck!
Dalya Horowitz 13:09 24.04.2022
Edna Messer- I am also in my 70's and I agree with you 100%!! Couldn't have said it better - a crook and a fool running the country
john daubman 04:33 24.04.2022
To 20:31 are you saying that dumb and dumber are doing a good job if you are then your the dumbest
Edna Messer 01:34 24.04.2022
I’m in my mid 70’s and for the first time in my adult life ashamed of the so called leaders in the White House, we’re a laughing stock before the rest of the world.
01:31 24.04.2022
Why do you quote Breitbart? You’re all so far right & that’s who you address. How come I never heard of a Pence rating. He did nothing but preach religion & failed miserably with the virus & his boss
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