The War in Syria
The issue of chemical weapons is still problematic for the Assad regime and Russia

During a meeting of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague, the Assad regime and Russia faced new pressure amid accusations of chemical weapons use.

The director general of the Chemical Weapons Organization, Fernando Arias, said the Assad regime had not yet uncovered its entire chemical weapons arsenal and had not allowed inspectors to operate in areas under its control.

Arias added during the meeting that the Assad regime has not yet taken any of these steps, stressing that what Syria has previously revealed, regarding its chemical weapons arsenal, cannot be considered accurate and complete.

The organization's director general revealed that he was preparing for a meeting with the Assad regime's foreign minister, Faisal Makdad, to discuss the violations and the reasons for the refusal to grant the organization's inspectors entry visas.

Arias noted that the poisoning of the imprisoned Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, with nerve material, still poses a serious threat to global efforts to eliminate chemical weapons.

For her part, Bonnie Jenkins, the United States' assistant secretary of state for arms and international security control, said during the meeting: "We renew our call on Russia and the Assad regime to fulfill their obligations."

It should be noted that the Assad regime refuses to grant a visa to one of the organization's inspectors to ban chemical weapons, which prevents the organization from sending a team of inspectors to Syrian territory.

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