Terror Attack
Terror attack: Driver stopped his car and engaged the terrorist

Stabbing attack in Jerusalem: The wounded man is a bus driver who was stabbed while driving.He was able to stop the bus and get out.

Paramedics: "The wounded man was lying on the sidewalk next to the bus while he was conscious and suffering from bleeding stab wounds to his body. We were told he was stabbed inside the bus during the ride."

Video of the treatment of the wounded Jew in Ramot. Reported that his condition was moderate.

Meshi Ben Ami, an eyewitness who shot at a terrorist in the arena: "I got out of the car, loaded the gun and realized it was an attack. The stabber came to me, I did not hesitate and fired one bullet at him. I heard him pray in Arabic.

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Leonardo Valero 16:11 19.07.2022
Kelvis sanababich terrorists
CaptJinx Marine 16:01 19.07.2022
It’s time to hang these bastards in publi
Shalom Pollack 15:42 19.07.2022
he who is merciful to the evil will be cruel to the merciful
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