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What is the REAL reason the Houthis attacked Red Sea shipping?

Those who wonder why the Houthis intervened in the war in Gaza while in conflict with the US should understand that this was not done out of love for the Gazans. 

A leader in the Houthi militia admitted that it actually used the Palestinian issue to have an excuse to avoid the internal economic crisis, its inability to pay salaries and its failure to provide essential services in the districts it controls.
The words were said by Sultan al-Samiei, a member of the political council of the Houthis, who, according to Yemeni sources, said this week during his speech in the parliament controlled by the Houthis: 

"If it weren't for the issue of Palestine, the people would eat you and all of us." 

He said these words during a stormy debate for the removal of the Minister of Commerce in the government of the Houthis due to allegations of corruption.

During the Houthis' war in Saudi Arabia (2015 – 2022) they also avoided paying salaries on the grounds that all resources were being directed to the war effort.

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Jeffry Blackmon 11:48 24.02.2024
What is their "commerce?" War, death?
Tony Pettitt 02:20 24.02.2024
They’re the sons of Satan for he was a liar from the beginning
Anthony Lewis 00:53 24.02.2024
Israel need divine intervention
William Beers 00:52 24.02.2024
Age old strategy of tyrants everwhere
Jesus Manuel 22:27 23.02.2024
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