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Where Is the Biden Administration's Plan B?

Eliminating Israel was not only one of the main religious prophecies of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, it is also a leading policy of his successor, the current Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, that Israel will be erased from the face of the earth.

There also exists the dangerous likelihood, if and when Iran's regime has nuclear weapons, that they will fall into the hands of Iran's proxies and militia groups, or that the regime will share its nuclear technology with its proxies and allies, including the Syrian regime and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

As published by the Gatestone Institute
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Majid Rafizadeh is scholar, Middle East expert, and human rights activist. He is author and president of the International American Middle Eastern and Muslim Council. He served as ambassador for Iranian-American affairs.

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John Steedley 17:25 18.06.2022
John Steedley 17:24 18.06.2022
I see stones I am willing to fight for and die.I also see myself wanting to rip them apart.Stones are Stones. Now my habitation is New Era on Earth. The ground brings forth the flower and the Fruit.
John Steedley 17:22 18.06.2022
I SEE hot days.I see Rings and Rounds.I see growth.I
John Steedley 17:21 18.06.2022
I see Feast of the Birds.I see ppls hearts change.I see ppl moving forward with Gods Plan. Weather,they are as to be meek or fight to the end.
John Steedley 17:20 18.06.2022
I see a plausible universe where we do not coexist,under Many Flags but one. It will be our Kingdom share through branches
John Steedley 17:19 18.06.2022
I ALSO worst case scenarios always leads to the same ending.
John Steedley 17:18 18.06.2022
I see future of Everlasting.
santa claus 17:05 18.06.2022
All those who support the murder of unborn babies (babies have souls at conception) get the hottest part of the lake of fire
Byron Scherer 14:02 18.06.2022
Read Ezkiel 37 an 38 Michael. There will be an Israel but are you ready for the near annihilation that comes. Only those who turn to God will survive an Zechariah 14 then happens. I am just as guilty
Michael Sosne 13:02 18.06.2022
ISREAL IS ready for anything from any Muslim pig swine sewer rats country. There WILL ALWAYS BE AN ISREAL. STRENGTH and ACTION FOREVER
Henry Lee 12:50 18.06.2022
I suppose Israel has to do its best to thwart Iran from attaining nuclear power and leave everything else in God's hands. God Be Praise. Amen!
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