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IDF Battle Video: IDF troops intensify operations against terrorist operatives and infrastructure in Jabaliya

Targeted operations in specific areas of eastern Rafah continue

IDF troops are continuing to intensify operations in the Jabaliya area of northern Gaza. Overnight (Tuesday), the IDF began an operation against terrorist operatives and infrastructure in the center of the Jabaliya camp. Over the past day, IDF troops in the area have engaged in intense battles with dozens of terrorist cells and eliminated a large number of terrorists. In one of the joint ground and aerial strikes in the area, the terrorist cell that fired toward the city of Sderot yesterday (Tuesday) was eliminated. 

Over the past few days in the southern Gaza Strip, IDF troops have continued to operate in specific areas of eastern Rafah to eliminate terrorists and dismantle additional terrorist infrastructure. In addition, IDF troops began a targeted operation on a Hamas training compound in the area, eliminating terrorists in close-quarters combat, and locating large amounts of weapons and equipment intended to simulate that of the IDF, such as this mock IDF tank found by IDF troops at a Hamas training post.


Over the past day, IAF aircraft struck and eliminated approximately 80 terror targets including military compounds, weapons storage facilities, missile launchers, observation posts, and additional terrorist infrastructure. 

Moreover, this morning (Wednesday), the Nahal Brigade concluded operational activity in the Zeitoun area and began preparation for additional activity in the Gaza Strip. The 2nd Brigade Combat Team continues operations in the Zeitoun area.

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[Anonymous] 09:59 16.05.2024
A reminder to IDF. If any hostages manage to escape, they’ll run towards you but they won’t have a gun and they’ll look weak and skinny. Don’t shoot them!
[Anonymous] 19:08 15.05.2024
That’s right ! Don’t take prisoners because later on will asking to exchange those demons For hostages get rid of hamas terrorist organization once and far all PIRIOD!
[Anonymous] 11:52 15.05.2024
Take no prisoners.. all must annihilated .. remember 7/10 .. picture that and spear no one.
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