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Israel-Turkey flight delayed over plane crash images on phones

It remains unclear who sent the pictures to the plane’s passengers, but the investigation is ongoing.

A Turkey-bound flight departing from Israel’s Ben Gurion airport returned to the gate on Tuesday after photos of a plane crash appeared on the phones of a number of passengers. The plane was in taxi and about to take off when passengers reported that they received the concerning images to the crew, prompting the captain to return the flight’s 160 passengers back to the terminal, according to Ynetnews.

As reported by i24 News
Image source: Airport authority

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08:37 11.05.2022
The photos was sent by Hamas.
Zana Davis 13:39 10.05.2022
Looks like it was an explosion from inside out at sometime somewhere???
Phillip Avalos 12:53 10.05.2022
Wow 😮 Sad!
Terhemba James 12:41 10.05.2022
I would love to be updated about the investigation please... Is it divine intervention or it was just another News?
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