Israeli Politics
A quarrel within the Muslim Brotherhood!

Musa Abu Marzuk, senior Hamas official, against RA'AM

"The Arab elements in the Knesset are expected to oppose a budget that allows for the expropriation of our lands, construction in the settlements and the siege of Gaza. Opposition to the occupation comes through struggle and conflict, not integration and coexistence."

It seems that this is only a tactical difference.

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Selina 20:25 06.11.2021
They're the Dukes of Quarreling. That's all they know how to do!
Pamela Hackner 20:06 06.11.2021
Time to get rid of this goverment, before they destroy Israel G-D forbid. Bring back Bibi before it is too late.
Tony Pettitt 19:51 06.11.2021
This is what happens when you need votes to defeat Netanyahu NOW DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!
Michael Sosne 19:45 06.11.2021
What the hell are those damn muslim pigs doing in the ISREALI parliament. Who the hell came up with that idea. Like they support ISREAL, yea. Get them out!!!!!! Now
darrel snider 19:43 06.11.2021
I said hang tgem
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