Iran Deal
Israeli Mossad gives nuclear watchdog evidence of four concealed Iranian nuclear sites

Iran has been playing stalling games for years while building a nuclear bomb. Everyone knows it, but has been at a loss on what to do about the rogue Islamic regime.

Israel provided proof of Iran’s violation of the nuclear deal four years ago. Iran even admitted it, and flaunted it with boastful, repeated threats and provocations regarding its military capabilities. And last year, Rafael Grossi, the director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, warned that Iran was enriching uranium at purity levels that “only countries making bombs” are reaching.

“Iran to provide new answers to IAEA about Mossad-seized documents,” by Yonah Jeremy Bob, Jerusalem Post, March 20, 2022:

Iran was due on Sunday to provide new answers to the International Atomic Energy Agency to try to talk its way out of evidence the Mossad had obtained in 2018 of the nuclear dimensions of its program.

In the already legendary Mossad raid of the Islamic Republic’s secret nuclear archives, the spy agency provided to the world’s nuclear watchdog evidence that led it to discover four concealed nuclear sites and certain traces of illicit nuclear material.

Since then, Tehran has tried to stonewall the IAEA’s attempts to get explanations about the items it had been concealing.

But on March 5, the sides announced a dramatic deal in which the ayatollahs would finally provide more comprehensive responses to the IAEA’s questions in exchange for the nuclear inspectors ending their probe sometime around June.

At the time, most observers believed that this deal had been struck in parallel to an imminent return to the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers.

Iran might not like to admit having concealed certain items, but it might finally be willing to do so, given guarantees that the JCPOA would be back in place.

However, as of Sunday night, the IAEA had issued no public statement indicating Iran had complied and did not respond to repeated inquiries regarding the matter.

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Henry Lee 04:50 23.03.2022
This whole new deal drag's on for such a long time that everyone wants to finalize it. Everyone is tired and Iran succeeded in getting what it wanted. The world has become a more dangerous place.
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