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Israeli Police Stunned to Find Toddler Locked in Iron Cage During Drug Raid

Israeli Police in Haifa searching a residential complex for drugs were stunned to discover a toddler locked inside an iron cage, the police announced on Monday.

The boy, one year and four months old, was found inside the cage with pillows and a bottle during the raid on Sunday. Five older children were also in the apartment.

The mother, who was not present, was brought to the scene and arrested by the detectives for false imprisonment, child neglect and abuse. She was identified as a 35-year Haifa resident.

Officers seized a large amount of what was believed to be crystal and hashish drugs from the building. Two other suspects, ages 22 and 27 were also arrested. Both were also identified as Haifa residents.

“This is one of the most serious and difficult cases I’ve come across,” said Police Corporal Yossi Atias. “The police in cooperation with welfare officials of the Haifa municipality carried out an emergency operation with immediate concern for the other children of the family who were there. We take seriously any harm to the helpless and will work hard to handle the case.”

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Unfortunately, we’re going to find out this is happening all over many children have been taken by the world, elites and governments of many countries that are Luciferian’s & evil it’s unspeakable!!!
john thurairaj 01:55 17.01.2023
Very sad 😞
Jeanne Ferguson 23:30 16.01.2023
Prosecute and never let them see the children again.
Dean Davis 23:27 16.01.2023
Heartbreaking 💗✡️
Michael Nicholls 22:58 16.01.2023
Pagan baal worshippers
Jose Parejo 22:36 16.01.2023
The “book “ needs to be thrown at them!
Patsy Webb 22:36 16.01.2023
Should be dealt with to the letter of the law not any harsher to the letter🇺🇸🇮🇱
Edna Messer 22:33 16.01.2023
Their supposedly child care given should be locked up…
22:32 16.01.2023