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WATCH: Trump's triumphant return to Facebook, 'I'M BACK!'

Trump included a video of a portion of his 2016 election victory speech

Former President Donald Trump returned to Facebook on Friday, posting for the first time in more than two years with a simple two-word message: "I'M BACK!"

Included in the post was a 12-second video clip from Trump's 2016 election night victory speech. "Sorry to keep you waiting. Complicated business," he said in the clip.

Source - Fox News/Twitter - Video source - Donald J Trump/Youtube

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Anthony Bowker 07:36 20.03.2023
He’s back ! And will be back in 2024 ! 🇺🇸🇮🇱
Ronald White 16:53 19.03.2023
God ,please bless President Trump.
P Qu 20:18 18.03.2023
Yes & fake indictments will get him re-elected even stronger! Woo Hoo!
[deleted] 15:31 18.03.2023
Trump for president. We could also use you here in Canada get rid of bozo the clown Justin. 
Kay Hampton 15:19 18.03.2023
Can't wait for my President to return. What a perfect day that will be to be strong together again .👍
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