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Israeli minister to Blinken: We don’t need to be lectured on democracy

Orit Strook rebukes Blinken over his veiled criticism of Israel’s judicial reform.

An Israeli minister publicly rebuked U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken Tuesday, chiding him for expressing the Biden administration’s concerns over the Netanyahu government’s plans to reform the judicial system.

In a tweet Tuesday morning, National Missions Minister Orit Strook (Religious Zionist Party) accused Blinken of lecturing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on democracy during their meeting in Jerusalem Monday evening.

While the Israeli premier tried to steer the conversation towards his concerns regarding Iran and the Islamic regime’s nuclear aspirations, Blinken hinted at White House opposition to the Netanyahu government’s handling of the judicial reform plan.

Blinken said: “That includes our support for core democratic principles and institutions, including respect for human rights, the equal administration of justice for all, the equal rights of minority groups, the rule of law, free press, a robust civil society – and the vibrancy of Israel’s civil society has been on full display of late.”

On Tuesday, Strook tweeted that Israel’s leaders do not need “a lecture on democracy.”

“Dear Mr. Blinken, I understand that you decided to give our prime minister a lecture on democracy. Well, democracy is first of all the duty of a country to determine its course according to the votes of its citizens, each of which is given equal weight, without foreign involvement.”

“Demonstrations, however legitimate they may be, are not equivalent to a ballot,” she stated.

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[Anonymous] 14:24 01.02.2023
Well said! In Israel they take basic precautions to make sure every vote is legitimate unlike here in the US where the Biden adm is doing the opposite!!!
joel b 13:01 01.02.2023
Good for Israel,what Right does The Sec of State and his Government to Try And Bend the will of The People,this Reform is 20 yrs in the Making, go lecture Canada with there Stupid PM policies
Jeanne Ferguson 12:13 01.02.2023
Blinken needs to stay home and Biden needs to keep his mouth shut. Biden is a traitor to America and has no right to tell Israel what to do Biden and his people are a disgrace.
Danielle Pentecost 05:05 01.02.2023
Wow, when is the US going to mind their own business. This country is a complete mess & you’re going to tell Israel how to run their government.
Anna Payton 04:40 01.02.2023
Wow thank you, because blinken is illegitimate anyway, and America is a republic and a Christian nation not a democracy.
Suzanne Aladjem 04:37 01.02.2023
100% correct Blinken has no right to lecture Israel on Democracy let him fix he’s disgraceful back yard first
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