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Possible terror attack stopped outside the Ben-Gurion International Airport

Police Spokesperson: Security guards of the Israel Defense Forces arrested tonight, at the end of operational searches and the deployment of roadblocks, a resident of Ramallah on suspicion of stealing a car from Bat Yam and breaking through a roadblock at the airport while endangering their safety.

Airport security guards noticed a vehicle moving suspiciously at one of the gates of the Israel National Highway tonight around 01:00 while overtaking vehicles at speed in a way that endangers their safety.

The guards responded with determination to stop the danger  until the stolen vehicle was stopped, and the suspect was caught hiding.

The security guards and police officers arrested the suspect - from Ramallah in his 30s for investigation in the area, and according to its findings, he will be brought this morning to a hearing at the High Court with a request to extend his detention.

Photo: Flash90

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