The Iranian Threat
Exposed! The smuggling of Iranian weapons by civilian aircraft into Syria and Lebanon

For years, the Iranian airline Mahan-Air has been cooperating with the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to transfer weapons through Unit 190 to various Iranian militias around the world and also to transfer Quds Force officials to countries under Iranian-sponsored organizations.

According to internal airline documents, in recent years the passenger name "Lord Hamra Hamra" has been repeated tens of thousands of times in recent years, about 70,000 times on the Tehran-Damascus route, sometimes even hundreds of passengers named Hamra Hamra appeared simultaneously on the same flight.

All the Hamra pilots who were exposed booked their flight ticket through the same travel agency - the Iranian Princess Agency "Yotav Gashat".
When checking online, it seems that this is a regular travel agency.

However, after examining the data by intelligence sources, it was found that the company regularly transfers funds on behalf of a company called Hamrah, a third-party company owned by Mahan-Air as well, just like the travel agency.

As part of the search for information about Hamra, secret documents of the company were found that were linked to some security industry, an industry that operates under the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

In reference to the unsupervised free hand given to Hamrah by Mahan-Air, documents were found of passengers who were repeatedly allowed to carry hundreds of kilograms of excess cargo on the company's flights, cargo carrying sensitive Iranian weapons destined for Hezbollah.

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