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IDF chief female coroner: Two months later we are still identifying Oct. 7th victims

IDF Rabbinate's female coroner team leader says that despite the difficult scenes, the importance of the work keeps her team going

Efrat Nursi, the leader of the IDF Rabbinate's female coroner team, which has been working since the start of the war at the Shura Camp in central Israel, says that the efforts to identify the bodies of the victims of the October 7th massacre are ongoing nearly two months later.

"We tended to women that we knew personally. Neighbors, friends. Since we feel that we're doing something important, I can handle the tough scenes. I manage to disconnect because I know why I'm here. I tell myself, 'There's another family whose doubts we removed,'" Nursi said in an interview with Radio Kan Moreshet.

She described her work. "From the moment a fallen female soldier arrives, the entire process is performed by only women. I feel a great sense of importance and feel it is a great privilege to tend to holy women. We see difficult sights, but that's aside. As the Military Rabbinate, we need to bring them to burial as fast as possible, with an emphasis on absolute identification, and that's what we do. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are tasks connected to the identification that have to be done on Shabbat in order to diminish the families' pain."

She noted that "October 7th was a life-changing event. We have a lot more tolerance, more camaraderie."

Does the article interest you?
Lee Field 20:45 28.11.2023
Will foriegn coroners,mediical examiners go on record substantiate brutality,testify?,as to the legitimicy aside from videos as documented evidence and proof of these unconscinable acts?
Christine Miklosik 15:44 28.11.2023
May God Bless her and all of the team that has to do this delicate task of identifying and getting them ready for burial. I cannot imagine the horrors they have seen.
William Beers 11:01 28.11.2023
She Easily should get the best hat award.
[Anonymous] 09:03 28.11.2023
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