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ARAB CRIME WAVE: 8 Israeli-Arabs arrested in Dubai for murder of another Israeli-Arab yesterday

The Dubai Police publishes the photos and names of the suspects in the murder of the Israeli in Dubai. 

A statement from the local police stated that "within less than 24 hours, they managed to catch 8 suspects with Israeli citizenship who are involved in causing the death of the Israeli citizen Hassan Shamsiah due to a conflict and revenge between two families." 

The message also states that "the suspects met the victim in a cafe and this led to a confrontation between the parties that ended in the victim's death from stab wounds."

NEWSRAEL: It should be noted that when Dubai police announced the murder, the said an "Israeli citizen" was murdered. This opened a flood on Arab social media with glee that Israelis act so violently even abroad with many calling to stop the Abraham Accords.

Then they found out that the whole story involved Israeli-Arabs.

Source: Kan News - Telegram

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