Iran Deal
EU: Iran nuclear talks with the West to resume next week

EU Foreign Minister Joseph Burrell said today (Saturday) that nuclear talks between Iran and the West will resume in the coming days. This, at the end of his meeting with the Iranian  Foreign Minister in Tehran.

Burrell wrote in a tweet on his Twitter account that the purpose of his visit to Tehran is to instill renewed momentum in the nuclear talks and resume negotiations. "We need to stop the current dynamics of escalation and close the deal now," Burrell wrote. "The resumption of negotiations between Iran and the United States in the coming days. My team will mediate in talks to close the remaining disputes."


# Iran Deal
Daniel Feldman 17:27 25.06.2022
Isn’t it ironic that Europe and America are negotiating the destruction of Israel. To them it’s worth it at any cost.
La Jun 17:18 25.06.2022
Even countries in the West are funding Hamas and Hezbollah to cause damage and destruction to the Nation of Israel. Same group of people's who are funding terrorist around the globe. They got Caught
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