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IDF Operations Overnight [VIDEO]

Tonight, IDF forces arrested the brothers Asim and Majdi Abdullah Sabihat in the town of Romana (the village the Elad terrorists came from)  in the Jenin district.

In addition, the IDF operated tonight in the town of Romana, from which the two terrorists went out to carry out the attack in Elad and arrested one suspect in a terrorist activity. Additional activity was reported in the Daheishe refugee camp and other centers.

As mentioned, a military source said this week that the IDF will increase the pace of military activity against violent hotspots in Judea and Samaria and not just in Jenin.

Photo: IDF Spokesman

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Chloe Tupas-Alagos 20:49 10.05.2022
God bless and protect the IDF.
eASTWIND 10:39 10.05.2022
God is your defence, IDF
Henry Lee 07:55 10.05.2022
Glad to know IDF is a force to be reckoned with. There's no denying that those who chose to challenge IDF must face the consequences. God bless you IDF
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