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WATCH: MTA boss shouts ‘f–k Israel’ and ‘f–k you too’ at woman with Israeli flag

An MTA supervisor allegedly accosted a Jewish woman on the streets of Manhattan for waving an Israeli flag, saying “f–k Israel” and flipping her the bird.

In a video shared on social media, Kenneth Foster, 57, can be heard telling the unidentified woman, “I got the right to say what the f–k I want, I’m American.”

Foster was walking down Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side last Saturday with his mother when the woman’s flag “almost hit” him, he told The Post.

The video, which was posted by the Instagram pages Jew Hate Database and Jewish Lives Matter, claimed Foster was intimidating people putting up posters about Israeli hostages. But Foster claims he was unaware of any posters.

“I stated, ‘Why are you waving that flag that is part of an apartheid state?'” Foster said. “So she got mad, like they mostly always do when you talk about Israel.

“I said, ‘F you’ and ‘F Israel.’ I didn’t say nothing about Jews to her . . . now I have to defend myself,” Foster said.

He added he has nothing against Jewish people and should’ve “just walked away.”

“I’m against oppression of anybody — because I’m black, so I know what oppression is,” he told The Post.

The Bronx native said he has worked for the MTA for 36 years. Last year, he raked in over $143,000 for his role managing track maintenance and construction.

Following the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel, Foster has been sharing continuous pro-Palestinian posts on his public Facebook page, where he also promotes a music production company.

“The MTA has no tolerance for hatred or discrimination,” said agency spokesman Tim Minton. “We have begun an investigation to determine all the facts.”

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Dale Dahlstrom 02:36 21.11.2023
Need to build more zoos for these animals.🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍
Wayne Granger 01:21 21.11.2023
Ya can't fix stupid.
Cynthia Glazier 00:02 21.11.2023
Lamko Cecile 21:20 20.11.2023
My Camry you are just miserable like Foster, you don't insult all the black people because of one black guy's stupid racist behavior! I'm black and I pray and fast for Israel everyday since the war
Hiram Moran 20:40 20.11.2023
I wish they would have asked him how he is oppressed I would love to hear his friken answer. And they love America when it defends them for saying ignorant bull shit
[Anonymous] 20:37 20.11.2023
Fire him. He’s disgusting.
Ace Ace 19:18 20.11.2023
Some people are just fucking disgusting
Heather Redden 18:52 20.11.2023
🤢 disgusting 🤮… too many Americans are uneducated in their mind AND heart… “ facts don’t matter” until one of his people are beheaded with a garden hoe or pregnant wife has her baby sliced out😭😭😔
Johnandtoni Miller 18:07 20.11.2023
I guess people with Down syndrome can even learn how to give the finger. Probably a high school drop out that can't put a sentence together that makes any sense. Ie. The finger.
My Camry 18:03 20.11.2023
Fire this fucking black piece of shit NIGGER Terrorist.
[Anonymous] 17:16 20.11.2023
Israel has had the babies from Al-Shifa transported to Egypt. Let your little finger rest in your pinky brain.
Sandy Grant 16:34 20.11.2023
Guess if he lived in Gaza he be one enjoying killing babies and raping children. Please leave
Trucker One 16:32 20.11.2023
Obviously an overpaid ignorant person full of shit
James Baden 16:30 20.11.2023
What a misguided moron
Rona Scott 16:16 20.11.2023
He's in for the high jump. His boss is Jewish.
Johnandtoni Miller 16:07 20.11.2023
That's a man that would have a horizontal middle finger if was pointed at me. He would think twice before doing it again. Know that for fact.
[Anonymous] 15:52 20.11.2023
Shameful and unacceptable behavior.
Edgar Willcut 15:50 20.11.2023
As you sow, so shall you reap
[Anonymous] 15:40 20.11.2023
And this anti Semite’s salary is paid by the NYc taxpayers. Fire the Jew hater.
Elena Caddell 15:35 20.11.2023
UNTILL They’re all round up and Permanently Dumped BACK into Their Own Countries! Get Ready for more of that ! I’d Like to Say what I really Feel! 💀☠️
Christine Miklosik 15:26 20.11.2023
How classy he is. Now he's trying to clean up his fulgar language and hand gestures.
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