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WATCH Karine Jean-Pierre bizarrely says Gov. DeSantis “has made a mockery of the system”

The U.S. Coast Guard asked DeSantis for help.

Within the last several days, DeSantis deployed the National Guard to deal with what his office called, "an alarming influx of migrants" landing in the Florida Keys.

Governor DeSantis: "What [Florida] is doing is working. And so, I would just tell the White House, not only has the Coast Guard asked us to help, but we have no choice but to help because of your neglect and incompetence."

Source - RNC Research/Twitter - Governor DeSantis/Twitter

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Jeanne Ferguson 01:02 17.01.2023
Sick puppy
Mark Sanders 00:51 17.01.2023
She’s isn’t a smart enough to be aggravated. She’s only interested in promoting her skin tone and sexual preferences.
17:38 14.01.2023
Honestly KJP must have an ulcer the size of a softball. Spin Dr ….
Sam Johnson 14:33 14.01.2023
Just another bucket of idiot dung!