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Released Terrorists Urge Kidnappings of Israelis as Means to Free Prisoners

Hamas vows not to stop capturing soldiers until all our prisoners are released

In at least two different interviews, newly released Israeli Arab terrorist murderer Karim Younes implicitly encouraged kidnappings of Israelis. This would – via resulting exchange deals – serve as a means to free terrorist prisoners before they have served their full time.

Having himself served a sentence of 40 years, Younes recalled the past when “every three or four years there was an exchange deal, and therefore the prisoners always had hope.”

He seemed to blame the “factions” – a Palestinian euphemism for terror groups – for not having pulled this off more recently, and implored that they “must not let despair and frustration enter the souls of [the prisoners].” In other words, they should continue kidnapping Israelis, thereby creating the possibility for exchange deals to give the imprisoned terrorists hope.

Another statement by Younes two weeks later could be understood as a hint at the same kidnappings and exchange deals. Here he addressed “all the officials” and “all the factions,” stating that they ought to “take more serious action” in order to bring about the “freedom” of the prisoners, who he described as “soldiers” who “did what they did on orders from them” – the officials.

Mentioning the eight years Hamas has been holding two Israeli civilians and the bodies of 2 Israeli soldiers – through whom no exchange deal has been reached – released prisoner Yusuf Nazzal implied that more kidnappings should have been carried out and more done to reach exchange deals so as to free the 360 terrorists who have been in prison for more than two decades:

“But a hope that is extended for eight years – you are talking about 360 prisoners who have been [in prison] for more than 20 years. 

Announcing the terror organization Hamas terror organization’s constant readiness to kidnap Israeli soldiers, Hamas Political Bureau Deputy Director Sheikh Saleh Al-Arouri recently vowed “not [to] stop capturing soldiers until all our prisoners are released.”

Photo: Jamal Awad/FLASH90

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Anthony Bowker 21:22 04.02.2023
May God place a hedge of protection around about all Israeli soldiers and citizens . In Jesus Name . Amen