Jewish Holidays
Hours of fasting and security: The guide to Yom Kippur 2021

When does the fast begin - and when does it end?

  • Jerusalem
  • The beginning of the fast: 18:09
  • End of the fast: 19:19
  • Tel Aviv
  • The beginning of the fast: 18:26
  • End of the fast: 19:21

How will the security forces be organized?

In light of the recent security incidents, the police predict that there may be attempts by individual terrorists to carry out attacks. A senior police officer told Walla! 

"The eyes of the police married at the Day of Atonement and the gathering in synagogues and at Sukkot which the people of Israel out for a walk en masse", and ten thousand police and Border Guard officers will be deployed throughout the country during the High Holidays.

"Fighters and tactical SWAT Division of Police will On special alert while in the field for any scenario that may happen. "With the ability to arrive in a police helicopter that is at the service of the forces and will transport them as needed from place to place," the senior official said.

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Priscilla Azubuine 13:13 15.09.2021
We pray for God's protection during this time.
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