Arab Prisoners Threaten to go on Hunger Strike

1,380 Arab security prisoners in the Gilboa Prison are threatening to go on a hunger strike if the conditions that they had in prison before the escape of six of their inmates are not returned to them by the prison service.

# Israel Prison Service # Palestinian Terror # Security
Randy Abramovitz 23:55 14.09.2021
Tell them that we are all out of caviar and cigarettes. We have Sheriff Arpaio loaf on order, though.
Karolina De 22:25 14.09.2021
That's Fine with me👍😆they need to detox and loose what ever fat they have left then die🥵
Stevie Washington 20:12 14.09.2021
Israel is a great, great state and will always stand forever and ever!
Dennis Bell 20:12 14.09.2021
Cook up some bacon and blow the aroma at then. Only have pork for them to eat. LAMO Wu hu
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