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Did Iran Use an Israeli Lens its Suicide Drones?

The Wall Street Journal: Israel is reviewing the findings; the Majority of Iranian UAV parts are made in the U.S., Europe, allied nations.

JNS reports that a high-resolution telescopic infrared lens found in Iranian-made Mohajer-6 unmanned aerial vehicles in Ukraine appears identical to lenses made by an Israeli firm, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

The lenses, used for surveillance and targeting, look like those made by Israeli company Ophir Optronics Solutions Ltd., the report said, based on “photos of the device in the Mohajer-6 and corporate brochures.”

Image - Ukrainian Armed Forces

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Selina 19:13 21.11.2022
$93 some-odd billion to Nazi Ukraine. Let that sink in.
Sam Johnson 18:13 21.11.2022
Biden would sell them to his Buddies if he can gather a nickel in his hip National don’t kid ones self, he is scum !
Tuin Boon 18:03 21.11.2022
Overthrowing these basterds