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The Middle East Analysis Daily Show - The Five Worst Fake Palestinian Photos

Even the New York Times and BBC are are the 5 worst FAKE Palestinian photos

For instance, BBC's John Donnison tweeted "heartbreaking: Pain in Gaza" of a young girl in a hospital, her small brother trying to reach her. Only it turns out it is not from Gaza, but Syria. Yoseph Haddad and Emily Schrader show you the worst fakers!

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02:49 26.11.2021
Any way they can
02:49 26.11.2021
Eradicate the Jews
02:48 26.11.2021
This is antisemites trying to eradicate the news any way they can.
Raki Rene 01:18 26.11.2021
The consciences of such reporters, deliberately spreading lies, have been seared by a hot iron!
00:35 26.11.2021
Just sick...
darrel snider 00:21 26.11.2021
Pain in gaza cause by hamas,pa,and iran using them to.
oda755 American 23:17 25.11.2021
Remember, American news is the communist media for the Communist Democratic party.
Mollie Nunley 02:15 03.06.2021
What were they discussing?
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