Biden: ‘If You Look at My Presidency So Far, It’s a Jobs Presidency and It’s a Small Business Presidency’

Whoever writes Old Joe Biden’s tweets (which are, hallelujah, most emphatically not mean) may have been hitting the egg nog a bit ahead of the Christmas season: on Monday afternoon, Biden tweeted: “If you look at my presidency so far, it’s a jobs presidency and it’s a small business presidency.” 

Yes, really. The man who has done so very much to kill jobs and small businesses in America is now crowing about saving them. The Left’s sheer audacity in gaslighting the American people grows by orders of magnitude practically every day, but this one will go down in history as one of the most egregiously dishonest things this most mendacious of presidents has ever said.

To be fair to the man, it must be noted that Biden’s handlers got their best-ever jobs report in early November, with 531,000 jobs added in October and unemployment falling to 4.7 percent. However, as Matt Margolis pointed out, this was the result of the expiration of pandemic-related unemployment benefits and was not due to anything Biden did.

Meanwhile, there is a great deal Old Joe has done to put Americans out of work. He killed the Keystone pipeline, which didn’t just put out of work the people who were already working on it, but also snuffed the jobs that would have been created as the project grew. As far back as 2012, CBS News reported that “Transcanada (TRP), the energy giant bidding to build the pipeline, projects the undertaking would create 20,000 jobs in the U.S., including 13,000 positions in construction and 7,000 in manufacturing. … Other estimates advanced by supporters of the pipeline have been even more optimistic, with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce claiming it could create 250,000 permanent U.S. jobs.”

250,000 permanent jobs. And then there are the jobs lost because of the ban on drilling, and the jobs that are likely to be lost in the automobile industry and elsewhere if Biden’s handlers realize their plan to “cut greenhouse gas pollution by well over one gigaton in 2030” and to cut greenhouse gas emissions 50-52% below 2005 levels by 2030, “reaching a 100% carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035.”

Yeah, sure, Joe, you’re a jobs president.

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14:35 24.11.2021
The Elitists are controlling the narratives.
Rebecca Stump 11:46 24.11.2021
Shame people don't realize that God control's the earth. Global warming is a farce. Biden is a fool. And people believe anything but the truth.
10:58 24.11.2021
He’s so funny. Man he comes up with the best lie jokes I’ve ever heard. Good lie job.
darrel snider 10:34 24.11.2021
He be kick out of church like pelosi is
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