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"I Made Aliyah, I Learned, I Conquered"
We're sure you've heard stories about lone IDF soldiers, but how about lone Bnot Sherut (on Israeli National Service)?
"As I reflect on the past year, I am filled with an incredible mixture of shock, pride, and appreciation for the people who helped me to be where I am today.
A year ago today, I disembarked from the airplane as an official Israeli citizen, and I began to actualize my dream of building a life in the Jewish state.
I started Sherut Leumi (Israeli National Service) and was met with community, meaningful work, and personal growth beyond my expectations. I learned both professional skills (how to run a clinical research trial, and how to interact with patients with empathy and honesty, etc.), and how to live independently on a country without my family.
I was even honored to receive an award of Excellence in National Service, and the memories of this year are ones I will never forget.
I am very proud to call myself a lone Bat Sherut, and as I come closer to the end of my service, and after a full year of Aliyah, I remember the words I said in my interview after receiving my award for excellence in service: I belong here.
There is a saying in Hebrew that does not translate well, but the approximation is this:
I made Aliyah.
I learned (and grew as a person.)
I conquered."
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