The Iranian Threat
Iran and Hezbollah are recruiting Syrian fighters to tighten grip on Golan Heights

The "Elbat Battalions" - "كتائب البعث", the militias affiliated with Syrian regime forces, recently concentrated their efforts to recruit local fighters from Quneitra from the areas extending from it to Daraa and the border areas with the Israeli Golan, with the new opening of local recruitment offices.

The Elbat Brigades are recruiting the Quneitra members while implementing a "foreign" agenda.

According to a Step News agency correspondent in the district, the Elbat Brigades are recruited in the southern sector of Quneitra, especially in the areas of al-Rafid, al-Asbah and al-'Asa ​​- "al-Rafid ' And Quneitra on the one hand, and the areas of the Israeli Golan border on the other. These areas are of great strategic and military importance.

According to private sources, the battalions provide each fighter who enlists in their ranks with a monthly salary of 85,000 Syrian pounds, in addition to summoning anyone who was affiliated with the rebel brigades and later joined the regime army, whether serving in the conscription or in the reserve or volunteering.

According to private sources, the rebel brigades have begun working for Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, as they intend to expand their absolute control over the region by recruiting their men.


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Garry Hay 15:07 09.09.2021
Many plots of the enemies of Israel are being exposed and thwarted by the army of Heavenly host , thank you Lord 🔥🙏🏽
Pamela Hackner 12:21 09.09.2021
I hope Israel arrests the escaped prisoners, before they join this lot.
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