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Gantz: "We are capable of delaying the nuclear program"

The Minister of Defense addressed the Iranian threat at the national conference in collaboration with News 13 and clarified that Iran is not a private problem for Israel but for the entire world. On Nasrallah's threats to harm Asada Harish: "If he challenges us, we will lift the gauntlet"

Gantz also said: "According to the perception of those who believe in the Iran deal, and this is not a far-fetched perception, when there is an agreement, the Iranians will not continue the nuclear project and postpone it for years to come. We are very dissatisfied with an agreement that will be a bad agreement because there will be a temporary delay, the Iranians will open up the economy and give them world legitimacy. 

Source: Channel 13 News

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La Jun 20:19 26.07.2022
Less talk. More action. Take their facilities out now!
David Fellerman 17:36 26.07.2022
Iran is on a course of self destruction and political implosion. Watch and learn how to destroy the Insane Islamic republic.