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Rage in Gaza due to blocked entry of laborers in Israel

There are 14,000 workers from Gaza and their families who lost their daily income, which is NIS 800 ($235 a day) on average. 

Against the background of the security tensions in the last few days in the south, in the Gaza Strip, internal civil unrest has begun. This follows the stoppage of the entry of Gazan workers into Israel, following the closure of the Kerem Shalom and Erez crossings. 

Source: Kan News

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Tuin Boon 06:36 04.08.2022
Why allow Gazan people into Israel, a country they do not even recognize? First acceptance of the Jewish State as their neighbor!
Robert Nieves 03:14 04.08.2022
There leadership to recognize The Jews and their country Israel does not need them there trying to help those people
Robert Nieves 03:07 04.08.2022
I feel for the people they need to tell
Suzanne Aladjem 03:06 04.08.2022
The only way, let the Gazan population topple over Hams. Then they might have a normal life
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