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WATCH: Israeli researchers find trailblazing alternative to face masks

A Technion team has found a radically new solution to the conventional mask dilemma by creating an invisible “air-screen” in front of the wearer’s face.

Researchers at Haifa’s Technion – Israel Institute of Technology have developed a revolutionary invisible facemask to protect wearers against the transmission of COVID, MERS, influenza, and other respiratory viruses, the university announced Sunday.

Several major advantages became clear: the air-screen protects the eyes, nose, and mouth without negative effects on facial identity, emotion recognition, or oral communication.

Video Source - David Greenblatt/Youtube

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Janice Hagberg 20:40 28.11.2022
They’ve proven masks don’t stop COVID, so why are the hospital workers continuing to wear them?
Vanaly Palmer 18:49 28.11.2022
Wow.. some people LOVE their mask.. thank yo for trying to make better protection for those of us that can’t hear folk wearing masks, nor can I read their faciaexpressions. , and I CANT BREATHE
Selina 18:03 28.11.2022
Where's the air coming from? It's being suctioned from outter space? Obviously its coming from the same airspace as the germy air.
Selina 18:02 28.11.2022
Everyone in the world was totally comfortable wearing mouth coverings and appreciated thier importance in hospitals. Now suddenly, masks don't work. Whatever! I will wear my mask whenever I want to!
Triple D 16:44 28.11.2022
How about breathing clean air! Masks can't stop a virus! Try a better immune system
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