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The Israeli women who walk around "packing" a pistol

The photograph of MK Ben-Gvir's wife with a pistol gun went viral last week and sparked a wide public debate, and it turns out that she is not alone - more and more women in Israel are walking around armed, and not just in the settlements. What made them buy a gun?

Orit Aloni goes to sleep every night with a gun under her pillow. She has had a gun license for years, but the reality of her area made her bring it even closer to her.

Are there many women gunners?

"There used to be fewer women, today there are more women," explains a shooting guide. 

Roni Talem of Azriel tells the story: "The truth is that it started as a hobby and then I realized like many people in the State of Israel, whether women or men, that we need a weapon to protect ourselves and those around us.

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pflip521 18:46 26.11.2022
Protect yourself.
Jeanne Ferguson 18:38 26.11.2022
Same as America, women carry now. Women get permits and practice. More women then men and we need to protect ourselves.