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BREAKING: CCTV VIDEO of the terror attack as the car smashes into tourists

UPDATE on the details of the terrorist. CCTV of the moment the car rushed into a group of tourists.

It has been found out that the car the terrorist was driving was owned by a man from Kfar Kassem and his ID card was in the car.

It seems as though the terrorist is from the PA areas.

When you see the Arabs celebrating the attack - remember that all of the injured and the killed man were tourists and NOT Israelis. For Palestinians, they just celebrate death and blood.

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Zek 11:22 08.04.2023
My heart feels the pain when I see such senseless violence directed at Jews and people connected to Israel. There is pure evil in this world and we must never accept lying down. God bless Israel
Kelly Kite 05:11 08.04.2023
That is so sad. They went to the Holy Land and this happened.
Michael Sosne 00:46 08.04.2023
Get rid of these pigs once and for all. Too many JEWISH PEOPLE are getting killed.muslims don't count as humans so eliminate them
Jeanne Ferguson 22:16 07.04.2023
There muslim terrorists what do you expect