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Update: 6 dead and another 60 wounded in the shooting incident in Lebanon

According to the Lebanese media, a number of gunmen firing from a building. The Lebanese army sent reinforcements to the area.

The riots in Lebanon began after Hezbollah supporters reached the courthouse in the a-Tiona area demanding the dismissal of the judge charged with investigating the explosion at the port of Beirut.

Hezbollah does not want the report written by the judge to be published because the responsibility for the explosion in the port of Beirut will probably be directed at Hezbollah.

After their supporters were seen carrying out street shootings, Hezbollah and the Amal movement are calling on the Lebanese army to take responsibility and intervene quickly to stop the "criminals" as they say.


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15:35 14.10.2021
Justice Sunday 14:21 14.10.2021
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Louna Parrish 14:14 14.10.2021
Another end time prophesy full filled. We might be the generation to see the Return of Our Lord Jesus. Pray for Worldwide acceptance of Jesus as Saviour.
Anna Payton 14:07 14.10.2021
JESUS is coming soon
darrel snider 14:05 14.10.2021
Hezbollah needs eliminated now they are satan run.
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