Lebanon Crises
Saudi FM Urges Lebanese Leaders to End Hezbollah’s ‘Hegemony’

From Lebanese News outlet "Naharnet": Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud has urged the Lebanese political class to put an end to Hezbollah’s “hegemony.”

Bin Farhan affirmed that KSA is not willing to communicate with the Lebanese government “for the time being.”

He added that the political class should take the necessary measures to “liberate Lebanon from Hezbollah and Iran.”

For his part, former head of Saudi Intelligence Prince Turki al-Faisal, considered that “what’s happening in Lebanon is sad” and that the Lebanese, including the Shiites, are “paying the price.”

“Not all Shiites there want Hezbollah's dominance," al-Faisal said.

He added that the solution is in the “hands of the people of Lebanon,” praising the Lebanese October revolution “against the situation and Hezbollah.”

Meanwhile, former Saudi ambassador to Lebanon Abdulaziz Khoja revealed that he had survived “3 assassination attempts” while working in Lebanon. He did not accuse “any specific party.”

He added that he had never imagined the ties to be cut between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

“KSA has helped Lebanon as a neighboring Arab country,” Khoja stressed, adding that Saudi Arabia has donated “more than $72 billion to Lebanon since 1990.”

“The Lebanese have had enough of Hezbollah’s dominance over Lebanon,” he said.

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Robert Mcmaster 13:12 16.11.2021
Get rid of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and get rid of Hamas in West Bank. Send both groups packing, I think the truth be known, neither terrorists groups are welcome where they are now. Host people's prospe
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