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Israel's Vidisco unveils a digital X-ray system for analyzing IED bombs in the field

"With the push of a button, the bomb disposal team receives an accurate analysis and a situational image that penetrates the thick and hard parts of the cargo and provides a sharp and accurate image of the relevant parts," says Ohad Milo, CEO of Vidisco.

Vidisco, an Israeli supplier of mobile X-ray solutions for detection and identification for armies, security forces and law enforcement authorities, unveils the Guardian - a system specially developed to enable the safe identification and neutralization of various types of ammunition in the field. 

Recently, the system was used by elite units in the IDF in northern Israel  to locate and neutralize Russian ammunition found in the field.

According to Vidisco, the Guardian used in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) missions provides an accurate, high-resolution image of the exact state of the ammunition and its contents, from a safe distance of hundreds of meters and at the push of a button. Accurate imaging is also possible when the ammunition has a thick metal casing, or when it is placed behind a wall or inside a vehicle.

The compact and mobile X-Ray system can be deployed and operated even in harsh environments and in all weather conditions. The Guardian allows the force in the field to manually defuse the explosive devices, without endangering themselves, by performing in a pre-selected area for this task.

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Syble Presswood 01:48 20.03.2023
Another invention by God's chosen people.He has given them the ingenuity and intelligence to make amazing things!
00:40 20.03.2023
Should you be telling the enemies of Israel this vital (secret)?