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Your next shawarma could be made from pumpkin seeds

Israeli startup takes crushed pumpkin and sunflower seeds from oil makers and turns them into clean-label vegan ‘meat’ for restaurants and caterers.

With corporate offices and R&D in Tel Aviv, More Foods sources its seeds from European oil manufacturers and produces the meat alternatives with Swiss production partners.

More than 30 restaurants and food-service companies in Israel are already incorporating More Foods products into their menu items.

This includes, among others, popular fast-food chains such as Pita Basta and Mexicana, and caterers for the Israeli offices of Facebook, Apple and Samsung.

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Rhoda Wright 10:50 27.09.2022
🙏 thank you for everything Dear God
10:48 27.09.2022
ISRAEL. You never cease to amaze the world! God is with You ALWAYS GIVE HIM THE GLORY!!!