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BREAKING Australia outlaws all arms of Hezbollah

Australia has defined the entire Hezbollah organization, in all its arms, as a terrorist organization.

This is a move that Prime Minister Bennett requested from the Australian Prime Minister at a meeting in Glasgow.

According to the Foreign Ministry, only New Zealand and Japan define Hezbollah's military arm only as a terrorist organization. Israel also asked them to change their definition. 




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Nancy Dunham 21:31 24.11.2021
They got it Right!
darrel snider 21:19 24.11.2021
biden part of hezbollah
Jeanne Ferguson 21:17 24.11.2021
Now if Biden and his crew would wake up and admit it.
Nick Horsky 21:10 24.11.2021
Now to get shit for brains BIDEN to support Israel.
Robert Mcmaster 20:18 24.11.2021
Bravo Aussies
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