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Israeli Woman Swoops in to Save Mother from Ukraine War

A Ukrainian woman who was shown on TV begging for help amidst a scene of rubble in Mariupol is now reunited with her daughter in Israel, who saw the report.

Tatiana Goldin, a psychological services worker for the Ashdod municipality, did not know if her mother was alive until she saw her on TV in March.

Ashdod Mayor Yehiel Lasri and various organizations took action to help bring Ludmila to Israel. The efforts paid off as Ludmila landed in Israel on Tuesday. “We can finally let out a sigh of relief, and let out all the stress that lasted several months,” Tatiana told Channel 12 news.

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Rhoda Wright 06:15 02.06.2022
Beautiful, so happy they could be reunited 🌈💞🇮🇱🙏😄🥳
03:08 02.06.2022
The people of Israel have a good heart.