The Iranian Threat
BREAKING! Airstrike on Iranian militia sites in eastern Syria

Today, Saturday, there was an explosion in the city of al-Bukmal in eastern Syria, which is under the control of the militias identified with Iran, in the eastern rural area of Deir area, west of the Euphrates area.

As a result of the blast, smoke billowed, especially near Ayesha Hospital in the city, in parallel with a UAV flight in the air, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

This is due to the increase in air strikes by unidentified drones, especially in the Albuqmal space, which is of strategic importance.

Extensive damage was reported!

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Michael Sosne 01:04 28.11.2021
Who really thinks ISREAL will allow these pigs from getting a nuclear device. Don't EVER under estimate ISREALI military, never
Romulo Basabe 22:26 27.11.2021
That is good dont let iran to become stronger in military power
Tony Pettitt 22:07 27.11.2021
I believe a lot of Arab states are getting fed up with the Iranian regime. And want them out of their countries let’s pray that they are!!!!!
Edna Messer 21:36 27.11.2021
At some point Damascus will become a ruinous heap…
darrel snider 21:24 27.11.2021
Dam destroy iran nuclear program now
Steve Sheets 21:21 27.11.2021
Mine must have went the same way!!
Nick Horsky 21:03 27.11.2021
That's where my drone went!!
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