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Rehabilitation of the ruins after Operation Wall Guard is delayed to the displeasure of the Gazans

About two months after the end of the last round, the common question asked by many homeowners in the Gaza Strip is when will their home restoration begin. There are currently thousands living in the Gaza Strip outside their homes due to the destruction, when according to the Gaza authorities, more than 2,000 houses were completely destroyed or uninhabitable, and another 40,000 were damaged. So far, the demolition work has not even been completed.

Osama Kahil, chairman of the Palestinian Contractors Association, blames Israel for refusing to import construction materials and emphasizing iron. However, he also claimed that the conflict between the PA in Ramallah and Hamas also contributes to delays in reconstruction. The planning required for the actual start of the restoration It should be noted that some of the ruins of the previous round in 2014 are still waiting for restoration and probably this time too it will take a long time until the restoration is expected in the Strip.

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Susan Medrano 02:39 29.07.2021
Hamas gives a damn, NOT. He & his cohorts kill 90% Muslims, their own people, I am ashamed the USA at this time has weakened n it's position of Israel. Ps 122.6, look out America!
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