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On IDF Training Grounds belonging to the Tze’elim base in the Negev, many cannabis farms have sprung up in recent years. On each farm, there are hundreds, even thousands, of marijuana plants that can yield drug deals worth millions of shekels.
Undisturbed, criminal organizations are running an illegal drugs industry on IDF Training Grounds. For a number of years, Regavim has been monitoring the phenomenon.
Recently, we issued urgent alerts to the Israel Police, the Green Police, the Israel Land Authority and other authorities about dozens of new drug fields from the last few months. We handed over video documentation, and noted the precise locations in order for the authorities to be able to deal with the problem.
The Israeli government has abandoned the IDF Training Grounds; the law is simply not enforced there! Illegal cannabis farms have become widespread, but the authorities are not doing enough to clamp down on organized crime in the Negev.
Last week, the State Comptroller’s report pointed out the major erosion of governance in the Negev. We call on the Israeli government to study the report’s findings and implement our recommendations. The report confirmed what anyone familiar with reality in the Negev has been saying for years: the absence of the State authorities has led to a situation whereby lawlessness is the norm.
It’s time to start protecting the Negev. Before it’s too late.
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